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Welcome to the RSA Fellows' Project Wiki.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Top right is Create Account which you will need to add and edit pages.

If you want to start a page about a project, go ahead, search for the name and there will be an option to start a new page. Feel free to start a new page. You can then come back here to edit this page and link in your project. If you need help, ask. (you can leave a note on your page) Or go to our contact page on the hub [1]

Potential categories are listed below for guidance.

-Starting out, looking for fellows:

Connecting Wisbech


-Starting out, for information:


-Established projects, for information:

Network City - London

-Established projects, would like help:


(Please add any services or skills you have on offer, like this:)

From The RSA: Change Story Questions [[2]] worth looking at.

Zoom helper is here

Website Development

I can help with the registration of top-level domains (gTLD's) .com .net .org etc and the hosting of your domain. I can also help using WordPress and the setting up of forums, I can teach you how to use WordPress.

contact here : [3] or email [4]